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Sugar, Cane, Fair Trade, Regenerative Organic - Priced Per Ounce

Sugar, Cane, Fair Trade, Regenerative Organic - Priced Per Ounce

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Our Regenerative Organic Cane Sugar is EcoSocial Certified, a fair trade program created by IBD, a 100% Brazilian certifier.

Our sugar is grown and processed through the award-winning Green Cane Project, thought to be the world’s largest Organic project, with over 14,500 hectares of land Certified Organic. (There are about 2.5 acres in a hectare.)

The mission of the Green Cane Project, which began in 1986, is to create an integrated, self-sustainable operation balancing a quality product with environmental and social commitment.

Established in 1946, this family-run company offers extensive free health, education and housing programs, and profit sharing for its employees. Wages of Brazilian field workers are 3.5 times the average compensation.

Studies of the cane fields show increases in biodiversity, organic content of soil, drought and plague resistance, and groundwater quality and volume. All waste streams from production recycled for soil building programs or power generation.

We are proud to offer Organic Cane Sugar sourced from the Green Cane Project!


Origin: Brazil
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
Shelf life: Best if used within 3 years of Julian date
Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar
Allergens: None

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