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Rice, White Basmati, Lundberg - Priced Per Ounce

Rice, White Basmati, Lundberg - Priced Per Ounce

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Long grain aromatic rice with the fragrance of Indian Basmati, without an elongated grain.

An exotic choice when a fluffy, drier texture and an exotic aroma is desired, e.g., stir fry, salads, stuffing, pilaf, desserts.

From Lundberg Family Farm:

"Today, the third and fourth generations carry on the family heritage by using eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, healthful rice...while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come."

Origin: California
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator or freezer for longer shelf life
Shelf life: 1 year of Julian date
Ingredients: Organic American Basmati White Rice
Allergens: None

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